Build A Board Game

Regular price £15.00
When: 20th-28th October, 2018
Where: Riviera International Centre, Torquay
Entry: £15 
Design a fun and educational board game for up to 4 players.
A prototype is to be built and must no be bigger than 50cm squared. 
  • Available for 2-4 players
  • Must be suitable for at least ages 8+, if not younger
  • Must have an educational element
  • Must provide a list of instructions- How to play
  • Prototype must not measure more than 50cm squared

Entrants use what resources they have available – the game is judged on the creative idea and playability. 

All entrants must register their participation by October 12th, 2018.  

All entrants must bring their prototype to the event venue by 11am 20th October 2018, ready to be placed in a gallery area for the public and judges to view.  

The final to be held on Saturday 27th October 2018.